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Emerging markets primarily China are playing a significant role in the macadamia industry, where the product is seen as a premium.

Estimated World Macadamias Production. In Shell Basis. This based on crop receipts to date end May , and when taking into consideration historical in-take data from June to September. There is, however, general consensus that this is not a normal season. The harvest may finish early and this may prove to impact negatively on the total crop receipts for In regards total kernel availability, there are two important factors to consider. Significantly more Inshell will be shipped from the Australian market in for inshell sales when compared to crop , and not available for shelling.

Also, grower batch assessments to date evidence a lower kernel yield Sound Kernel Recovery on product that will be shelled. Taking in to account these factors, and carry-in and carry-out, it is expected that, based on the current forecast, the total saleable kernel for the marketing year will be similar to that of crop. The question remains as to whether the crop will achieve estimate.

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The delayed beginning to the harvest of the crop due to weather has extended the marketing year for the carry-in, and inventories have reduced accordingly. Overall, demand remains strong.

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China is consuming a larger portion inshell basis each year. According to the US Department of. The available supply from the Chinese and crop to cover the period October to September is estimated at about 5, MT, which could lead to potential further price increases. However, from October. The quantity of fully developed cones has decreased, along with the yield from 3. The consequent reduction of produce availability has escalated prices to record levels.

Pine Nuts Export Tonnage and Prices. The carry-over is 45, MT, giving a total supply of , MT in shell basis. About 20, acres of new plantings are predicted in Exports are predicted to hit , MT. Pistachios price decrease last year caused a very active domestic market, which led to a sharp price increase.

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That trend is expected to continue this season. Walnut planting acreage is estimated at , hectares bearing and non-bearing. The yield is estimated between 10 and 40 kg per tree some are as high as 80 kg. The country plans to add another , hectares of new walnut trees in the coming years, with the target to reach up to 1 million metric tons of walnuts in shell in the next years.

In , China imported 59, MT of walnuts in shell -an 8. US walnut production has doubled since , to reach , MT million pounds in shell basis in -the second largest crop in the history. The industry predicts a , MT crop in Bearing acreage has gone up 10 percent from , acres in to , acres in Exports have been the driving factor in the past years, reaching , MT inshell equivalent in , while the domestic market remains strong.

China continues as the leading export market. Estimated World Walnuts Production. CROP Both yield and rise in number of acres have contributed.

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Peanut production in China has been on the rise over the past two years due to more favorable prices. Its is primarily used for food and vegetable oil. In , about 8. Department of Agriculture. Exports suffered, due to the. Foreign demand for Indian Hand Picked Select peanuts remains strong. US Peanut Supply and Disappearance.

India is the leading export market. Beginning stocks have been estimated at 30, MT, giving a total supply for domestic consumption and exports of , MT. Total exports summed up to , MT last. Supply - End. In , demand has remained strong with MT, due to unfavorable weather conditions. In , there are about 20, hectares 49, acres under cultivation, compared with 30, hectares 74, acres a decade earlier.

In the United States, at the time of writing this report it was very difficult to predict production volumes. There are two driving factors: weather conditions and the amount of raisin variety grapes that are crushed for grape juice concentrate. Beginning stocks are 15, MT, giving a total supply of , MT. California Raisin Grape Production. Fresh Tons by Crop Year. Consumer Trends in Global Chocolate Study The Almond Board of California ABC fielded its first global chocolate study in which has been very successful in leveraging consumer data regarding chocolate and nut attitudes, usage and preferences.

The main objectives are to understand chocolate attitudes and usage in key markets and to assess preferences in chocolate relative to nuts and other ingredients globally. Respondents had to have at least shared responsibility for household grocery shopping decisions, moderate chocolate consumption and no nut allergies in the household. When it comes to choosing what type of chocolate consumers eat, most will stick to what they know and love.

However, there are some who are eating less chocolate than before and they site health reasons and most are not replacing the chocolate with any other type of food. Overall, those respondents eating more chocolate than previously report taste and happiness as the drivers for eating chocolate more often. Dark chocolate, like milk chocolate, has a strong following too. Especially in China and India who tend to eat more dark chocolate and overall, dark chocolate is consumed more frequently than white chocolate.

But regardless, chocolate is enjoyed by people from all over the globe whether for health reasons, energy or just plain enjoyment. Globally, the research found that chocolate is eaten about 11 times per month, with the highest consumption coming from France. Also, milk chocolate is the most popular type of chocolate; either plain, with nuts or even some type of filling. No surprise, milk chocolate is just good and delicious. Nuts and Almonds Deliver on Crunch!

Consumers love nuts in their chocolate, nearly two-thirds according the recent Global Chocolate study, of these respondents believe that nuts make chocolate products crunchier, more nutritious and more filling. Adding almonds to any chocolate product creates unlimited possibilities in exceptional flavor and tantalizing texture.

With almonds, the possibilities for flavor in chocolate are endless. The subtle buttery flavors, almonds are that only nut that can pair perfectly with countless flavors…from salt to sweet, familiar favorites to more adventurous, tempting flavors… chili, spicy and hot!

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There is no other nut in the world that delivers the inspiring opportunities for crunch and texture. More forms than any other tree nut…whole, diced, sliced, slivered and of course almond flour. And the most popular forms are pieces and blanched almonds. Almonds Add that Nutritional Halo Almonds bring a wide variety of nutritional benefits to chocolate.

They contain a wealth of health equities that strengthen the health halo around chocolate. Antioxidant vitamin E:. Also, nearly two decades of research show that almonds may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. So…Almonds not only taste good but are good for you! Ongoing Nutrition Research A jointly funded study between ABC and The Hershey Company is evaluating the independent and additive effects of dark chocolate and almonds on heart disease risk factors of 40 healthy, nonsmoking, overweight and obese men and women aged years with moderately elevated LDL-C.

Almonds are low in saturated fat, rich in unsaturated fat and contain fiber, phytosterols, plant protein, a-tocopherol, arginine and other important micronutrients. Dark chocolate and cocoa contain epicatechin and proanthocyanidins, flavanols that exert beneficial effects on vascular function. This design allows assessment of the independent effects of each food on vascular endothelia function and serum markets of inflammation, and identifies any potential additive effect s.

Currently 20 subjects are enrolled in the study with a projected completion period of summer Almonds and chocolate are a great combination that consumers love; offering great flavor and crunch.

So next time you want a piece of chocolate, choose a chocolate treat with almonds. Each week, the White House features a group of Americans — individuals, businesses and organizations — who are doing extraordinary things to empower and inspire members of their communities. Jones is an award-winning filmmaker, entrepreneur, environmentalist, and snowboarding pioneer.

He is the founder and CEO of Jones Snowboards and founder of Protect Our Winters, an advocacy group organizing the winter sports community around climate change.

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He is also widely regarded as an accomplished big mountain rider and explorer. Other media events included an interview with the Shanghai press, a. Seminar attendees also had the opportunity to have their picture taken with Miss California and enjoy a delectable spread of pistachio dishes that demonstrated the many ways American pistachios can be incorporated into a healthy diet.

APG members and Miss California visited Shanghai Young Bakers, a non-profit organization that provides French bakery training and job placement to disadvantaged youth. For the second year, APG presented a check to fund scholarships to continue their good work. In supermarkets in Guangzhou, and Chengdu, retail promotions were held, Miss California and APG growers met and greeted customers who packed the stores and eagerly waited to get their hands on American pistachios as well as a photo with Miss California and an autograph.

More than junior chefs will participate in the event. Along with the workshops, APG is hosting a junior chef training program at the local bakery schools to expand the use of American pistachios in the baking industry. The workshop will cover the basics of baking with American pistachios as well as their various applications. Each woman who participates in the run will receive an APG calorie sample pack in her race bag. In anticipation of the September 29 event, American Pistachio Growers teamed up with Active Life magazine to raffle a much-coveted race entry and a two-night stay in the trendy Hotel Berlin, Berlin.

Starting at the world famous Duomo Cathedral, Stramilano takes runners through the historic city and across the finish line at the beautiful Sempione Park. More than 40, runners received an APG sample pack in their race goodie bag. Spectators and runners also viewed the American Pistachio Growers logo on pre-promotional materials such as the race mailer and website, and on banners placed at the beginning and end of the race.