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This is the story of Avandar before becoming the domicis of Jewel. Her Mom could start right into The Broken Crown. Once they start to love the Sun Sword series, I would interject the last two shorts as breathing spacers. The Memory of Stone [Daw 30th Anniversary collection ] is a great story to read before starting Sea of Sorrows my opinion! But I think it is a good sequence. Ah, this topic is very contentious. These make the most sense in terms of the timeline, IMHO.

The shorts can be interspersed almost anywhere. There are others who would argue that last point.

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Thank you so much. I am glad to hear points of view on the other series. Comments RSS. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Feeds: Posts Comments. Essalieyan Empire. This is not a review for Wolf Rain , because I am not capable of writing an objective and well-reasoned review for a book that.

Guest Post: Wolf Rain and the Art of Reading an Anticipated Release - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

You love certain books and authors without reservation. You eagerly comb through newsletters to find clues about the next book. When there are no more new books to read, you shrug and then start to reread with book one. When release dates are announced for the next book, you schedule vacation days and tell your family not to disturb you on threat of dismemberment. If those examples sound oddly specific to you, I plead the fifth. Being a fangirl is a lesson in patience and torture.

In my experience, the lesson is skewed toward the torture. But the Torture of Waiting, like all things, has to come to an end. And in any case, you like reading physical copies and plan to run by a bookstore soon. This book release is a once-in-a-year event. It has to be saved for something special, like a beach vacation or a weekend at the cabin. A Tuesday.

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Can you believe it? Preparation is crucial. The best part: no annoying spouses or school-age children bothering you in the daytime.

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You can enjoy your book in peace. You sleep at pm on the day before the release, setting a series of alarms starting at midnight. From years of experience, you know the truth: sometimes the book is delivered at am, am, am, or— horror of horrors! There is no rhyme or reason to it. You curse at Amazon and promise to delete your account. What happens next? You end up falling asleep at am with the e-reader wrapped around your arms and wake up in a panic at am because you need to get ready for the day ahead.

By the time you come home, you skip dinner and start reading immediately. Your fingers are trembling, but you find the presence of mind to flip to the first page. Depending on your reading speed, you may or may not finish in time for the day ahead. If you have no fucks to give and did not schedule a vacation day in advance , perhaps you a call into work and pretend to develop a sudden but very contagious cough or b email your professors and explain how sorry you are that you cannot attend lecture today because of a dehabiliating fever.

I can feel my descent into the Bad Place as we speak. The book is delivered after a minor delay. Your heartbeat speeds up, your breathing starts to shake, and there is an inexplicable emotion building up in your chest. Is it joy?

A combination of all three? For a book that may not even be written or announced yet. There is still the Old Torture of Waiting to think about! Surely I have the endurance to wait a little longer and avoid the unknown territory of a New Torture of Waiting.

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  5. Everyone reads anticipated books differently, as evidenced by my detailed list of possibilities. There is no right or wrong answer, just whatever works best for you and elicits the most amount of happiness. I am always a little scared to start because I know reading the book will be bittersweet.

    I took notes and tried to pay attention, but my mind was already in the heart of the Sierra Nevadas with the SnowDancer pack. After class ended, I ran home and jumped onto my bed. It was a book worth waiting for, and I have no regrets about not putting the book aside and waiting a little longer.

    Am I alone in reading anticipated books at midnight? Do you savor a book for a long time or read it all in one shot? What series or authors fall under the category of anticipated books for you? What are your rituals and traditions surrounding anticipated books? General Bitching Also I think having worked in a bookstore spoiled me because ARCs. One of my biggest problems with over-anticipation of a book is that the book itself can then seem a bit of a letdown—the sort of day-after-Christmas sensation. How on earth do you structure your TBR and follow it? I am unable to relate to an almost depressing degree.

    Or a waste. I really can wait—to a point. Yet there are times I am just stood spinning around in my library not wanting to read ANY of it and end up with a coloring book, so. Erik Larson! As are the next, like, six Fitz and the Fool books, after I really enjoyed rereading the first three in the series. Also, I never read two books in a series back to back or even slightly close together.

    That breeds boredom, no matter how much I love the books. So if the new and anticipated book comes out just after I read the last one, I will tend to let that one sit a good long while. DiscoDollyDeb Yes, same! Of course, I have also found books that well exceeded expectations and I kick myself for waiting so long, lol. Also, Madeline Miller. I was doing a spinal tap at midnight when the last Harry Potter came out.

    I worked as needed and read the rest of the time, did call in sick on Monday. That was the last time I got so crazy but I do still pre-order and stay up late with certain authors.

    Guest Post: Wolf Rain and the Art of Reading an Anticipated Release

    And I have been known to read an entire backlist in preparation for the new release. What a fun post — makes me think about my relationship to books and to authors. Thanks for sharing. Which is fine, but then she proceeded to call someone and tried to tell them what she read before the entire store angrily shushed her.

    Thank you, Aarya, that was such a fun piece to read! And of course, I remember reading the last Harry Potter aloud to my son until after 2am when he fell asleep, and I kept reading. But now I fall asleep myself, no matter how good the book, and no author lights me on fire anymore, though there are so many that I revere.